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Can you feel the love?

We don't do it for the accolades, but they don't hurt either! When we say we provide some of the best spiritual services and products out there, that's not just something we say - it's something our customers say!

"Lailani’s insight and her love and passion during her readings offer such a powerful understanding of life and a deep rooted clarity. My experience with her allowed me to see. I am truly grateful and love that I asked her for a reading. I will  be seeking her again."

SacredOwl Quinones

"I really would recommend Lailani because she is one of the best psychics out there. If it wasn't for her helping my family out I think we would have still been stuck, so I'm very thankful for your help."

Tilda Canales

"Thank you honey. I loved all the oils and colognes. They all smell amazing and you can feel the energy and hard work you placed into them."

Sancista Brujo Luis

Sam Charnecky

Tama Bell

I highly recommend Lailani’s classes! You will be pleased you signed up!
She is extremely knowledgeable on what she teaches. You can tell right away that the many years she has put into her studies were taken very seriously. Sitting with her in her series class of Magick, I couldn’t help but be drawn into everything she had to say and soak it up like a sponge. 
Listening to her speak is like reading a book on the topic itself. She is very informative and makes anyone from all different levels, from novice to advanced, feel comfortable to ask all the million questions that run through their heads. A phenomenal learning experience indeed!
Thank you for your insight Lailani, always a privilege to be in your presence.

Star Rodriguez

Jacob Walker

"I have tried The Magical Solution products; Florida Water, readings, oils. I'm impressed with the quality and knowledge brought to the table. I highly recommend all products!!! Overall Lailani is a great person and the products are amazing."

Mel O Blackbird

"From a respectful skeptic:

This is not a "boardwalk ripoff" experience. Go to Lailani if you want readings that are accurate, professional, and filled with heartfelt sincerity. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I met her at a fair and [...] two family members instantly came through with validation, and I hadn't said a word about any late loved ones.

[...] Once ample time has passed and I feel her guidance is necessary, I will be in touch again. Meanwhile, I will be spreading her name to anyone who desires a serious reading. Also, please look into her other services. ♡

Lailani, Thank You."

"Lailani is Magickal, and I want to remind those who don't know and are thinking of trying Lailani out for the first time, you can rest assured, she is authentic and knowledgeable. Her classes and work reflect what she knows and you will learn because of that. She doesn't hold back, she truly is vested in you becoming your best Magickal self. I am taking a Mediumship class with her currently and I am learning and developing my own talents incredibly since joining. Cannot say enough about this incredibly talented being, so if you feel drawn to try a class, get a reading, or buy a product, trust your intuition on this one!!!"

"I got a reading from Lailani two years ago. I was at a tough time in my life. I was homeless with no job and no prospects. I was working a festival she also works at and was desperate for some guidance. She gave me the hard answers I needed, and was honest with me about what was coming and what I needed to do. She told me what I needed to do in the meantime and told me it would take a year of hell and a year of building my life back up. Her words echoed in my mind like mantras for two years while I struggled through the first to survive, and through the second I rebuilt and replaced what I had lost. "Do not be afraid to suffer in this time" she said "even though it's gonna hurt and break you down, your spirit will learn to soar because of this struggle." And she told me what I needed to do. I am writing this two years later to the day. I have a new full-time job with benefits and prospects, and a friend and I are looking for an apartment, which he and I can now both afford. Many other parts of my life are coming easily into focus as well. Everything she predicted has come to pass, and every piece of advice she gave me has served me well. I got another reading from her today at the same annual festival. Yet again, where I had questions this morning, now I know what I need to do. This is a wise woman and an excellent reader. More importantly, she'll tell you what you need to know, unlike others who might just tell you what you want to hear. You need guidance? Seek out Lailani."

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