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close-up photo of Lailani, founder and proprietor of The Magickal Solution


As a Diviner, Lailani connects with spirit guides, ancestors, past lives, and her clients' subconscious minds to assess their current situation and offer practical guidance. Her style is straightforward, yet compassionate; serious, yet humorous; real, yet unbelievable. Types of readings offered are:

  • Tarot & Oracle

  • Baraja Espanola & Playing Cards

  • I-Ching

  • Ancestral Investigations

  • Spiritual Court Readings

  • Bone Reading & Charming

Lailani is deeply committed to the continued growth and development of her clients and community, and additionally offers:

  • Coaching & Mentorship

  • Blessing/Cleansing/Healing Sessions

  • Lectures & Seminars

  • Spiritual Elevation Sessions

  • Free Vlogcast Interviews

  • Community Light Altars

The Magickal Solution also produces a wide range of oils, waters, powders, and other magickal products - including customized magical items. All of our products are made in small batches, using the most potent ingredients to make sure we pack a big punch in a little package (much like Lailani herself!)​

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