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"This Is How We Grow" Vlogcast

"This Is How We Grow" is a one-hour talk show where we get a weekly opportunity to talk to and learn from influencers, authors, and respected elders in the spiritual community. Lailani prides herself in providing a platform for BIPOC guests and allies to tie these spiritual subjects back to the community. Notable guests include names such as Dominick Gurriero, Ambrozine LeGare, Ivo Dominguez, Langston Kahn, Hector Salva, Lillith Dorsey, Prof. Charles Porterfield, Prof. W.H.A.M. , Emilie Muniz, Adisa Speaks, Muertero Yamil, and many more.

Here are a few select episodes to whet your appetite. If you'd like to catch up on previous episodes, head over to our official TMS Youtube Channel - don't forget to subscribe so you can stay up-to-date!

New episodes air live on YouTube as well as our Facebook and Twitch channels - we'd love for you to join the conversation as it happens!

For media inquiries, please contact me at using the header: "Media Inquiry"

Mexican Socery with Laura Davila

Lailani and Laura talk about Laura's New Book: "Mexican Sorcery A Practical guide to Brujeria de Rancho."

Slavic Witchcraft with Madame Pamita

Lailani chats with Madame Pamita about Her home country of Ukraine, Slavic witchcraft and the spirit of Baba Yaga. Based on her book: "Baba Yaga’s Book of Witchcraft"

Puerto Rican Espiritismo with Papa Hector Salva

Lailani chats with Hougan Hector Salva about his brilliant book: "Espiritismo; Puerto Rican Mediumahip & Magic" and Traditional Mesa Blanca.

"The Tao of Craft"

Lailani and Benebell Wen talk about Eastern Esoteric Practices - history, cosmology, and much more.

"Curanderismo & Animal Medicine"

Lailani and Erika Buenaflor discuss Curanderismo, Mayan/Aztec shamans, animal guides, and much more.

"Stregoneria: Italian Folk Magick"

Lailani and Dr. GianMichael Salvato talk Italian Folk Magick, its similarities to African Rootwork, and much more.

Disclosure: This page contains Amazon affiliate links. This allows us to earn a small commission - at no extra cost to you - from any books you may purchase via the links above.

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