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Available Online

Divination Party

Readings for each attendee, free reading for host.

  • 2 hours
  • Price Varies
  • Online or in-person

Service Description

Divinations are done to offer perspective on the client's past, present, and future as well as identify persons, places, and things of interest/concern to the client. Divinations offer spiritual solutions to situations by communicating prescriptions given by spirit. Divination Parties are booked based on the number of attendees, travel, and length of time for readings (recommend 10 min readings for large attendance). A separate, clean space must be available for the privacy of each attendee reading. As sensitive subjects may come up. Clients may select from one of the following divination styles: --Bone Casting (Default) - One of the most ancient forms of divination. An unaccounted number of bones, charms, crystals, and trinkets, each with a defined meaning, are tossed on to a mat. The divination comes from interpreting the way they fall in relation to one another. --Tarot: The oldest, worldwide, standardized form of divination. This commonly known 78-card deck is comprised of a Major (used to interpret archetypal themes in life) and a Minor Arcana (used to interpret specifics). --Oracle: A unique deck of pictured cards that are intuitively interpreted as a standalone system, or a form of confirmation for other forms of divination and mediumship. --Playing cards: A deck of a standard 52-card deck can also be used for divination. Each suit was actually designed with its own meaning, and the numbers also have their own significance. --Lenormand: French Victorian-era divination system comprised of a 36-card deck that combines the pictorial style of Tarot and the numerical style of the standardized playing card deck. -- Scrying: A divination style that requires a surface to gaze into (water/crystal ball/mirror) and relies heavily on the channeling skills of the medium. This method is best used to gain wisdom from your spiritual guides and deceased loves ones directly. -- Dice: A divination style that uses numerology to define the dice as well as how the dice fall on the mat for interpretation. Best used to evaluate self and current circumstances. ****Divinations are for entertainment purposes only. Divinations are not to be substituted for medical, financial, psychological or legal help.***** Please see Store Policies for Disclaimers.

Cancellation Policy

Pre-paid appointments for readings and consultations will be fully refunded ONLY if cancellation occurs more than 24 hours prior to your appointment. Appointments can also be rescheduled during that window at no additional cost. Appointments altered with less than 24 hours' notice can be rescheduled for a $10 fee. Outright cancelations within this time frame and no-call/no-shows will not be refunded. A more detailed breakdown of terms and conditions can be found in our Store Policies. ​ Due to the nature of our products, we do not offer refunds/returns on physical products (oils, powders, tinctures, waters, etc.).

Contact Details

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